August 14, 2020 | Beene Designs Digest | Volume 1, Issue 6

How is everything in your world? It is very HOT here in my world. The ground is parched, grasses do not want to grow so they are wilting, flowers droop by the end of the day. I am blessed to have an excellent air conditioner which provides sufficient cooling for these hot days. Even though the temperatures are rising, I choose to take joy in the moment and enjoy each day for what it brings whether it is a moment to relax or a time to encourage a family member. 

Last week as I worked with the Paths tool inside GIMP a cool trick was discovered by combining the Text to Path option with a “window cut out” technique. The end result was these beautiful Birth Announcement Canvases of my grandchildren. Their full name, date of birth and vital statistics are written around the outside of the cut out of the initial of their first name. Newborn pictures create the photo collage inside the cut out. They are 12″ x 12″ layouts printed onto canvas. They are beautiful! 

This week’s Layout Tutorial used the same technique for a layout to be included in a year book. New tutorials showing how to use the text along path option are available. 

Remember to check out the Templates located HERE if you would like to create a Digital Scrapbook layout similar to ones you see in my videos.

Have a GREAT day and stay cool. Bye for now,