July 24, 2020 | Beene Designs Digest | Volume 1, Issue 4

It blows my mind how quickly life moves….even when we as a world, as a country, as a community, and even as a family and individuals have chosen to slow down and reduce the amount of activities in which we participate as well as the number of people we see. I knew I had missed a few newsletters, but had NO idea it had been SO many weeks I had missed. 

I hope and pray your families are healthy and you are successfully navigating through the unknown. As families prepare for the upcoming school year, I know there are many uncertainties. I pray for peace as those uncertainties are faced and wisdom as decisions must be made.

I have been creating the weekly layouts and uploading the videos HERE. So be sure and check them out if you have missed any of them. This week’s layout tutorial is a little change of pace as it does not use any digital papers. I have used only photos from a trip my husband and I took last May. I hope you enjoy watching and hope you will glean something new you can use with your layouts and creations!

I will be releasing a video outline the use of a Layer Mask in creating the title I used on this week’s layout. It will be available by the first of next week, so if you would like more detailed information on how the title was created, please watch for its release.

Below are a few of the recent released videos, be sure to check them out if you missed any as they were released.

With this week’s release the half-way point of my original goal has been reached. This is a major milestone and I’m pleased to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished. I set out with a goal of sharing my journey of creating at least one Digital Scrapbook layout per week with you!

In the process I have also shared awesome tips for using GIMP that I pray are helpful for you. I also started sharing my templates for your personal use in creating layouts of your own photos. If I have encouraged at least one person to gather their photos and start creating layouts to preserve the memory that is in your head and place it on a layout alongside the photo that accompanies it then I will have accomplished my goal!

With that said, remember to download your FREE templates for creating your own Digital Scrapbook layouts as you Preserve Memories for Future Generations. Here is where you can access them.